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Inner Child- Activity (Workbook)

A series of physical and writing activities to reconnect with your Inner Child 


Warm up-

Put on the first song in the playlist and just slowly work through the song with your body, moving your hands, your legs, your head, your hips feeling the ups and downs of the song completely. Try to keep your eyes closed and work through the whole song.


After the first song figure if you want to increase or decrease the energy and apply this energy to the movement you bring to the next song. If you want to be more active intensify your movements and put more power in your actions, push deeper through your movements. If you want to maintain your energy or decrease do this until you feel ready to grow your movement. Begin to wind down when you feel connected to your body (this may take 2 songs or it may take 7, listen to yourself)


Inner child-

Get a piece of paper and start a mind map with the circle in the middle labelled (INNER CHILD) answer these question on this piece of paper…Who is your inner child? Can you think back to what you were like as a child, what were your traits? What made you happy and excited? How did you interact with other people? What did you think about when you were alone?



Can you think back to the last time you laughed so hard that you cried? which people have a consistently comforting energy (who do you always feel happy/relaxed/your true self around)? How often do you smile/laugh to yourself (from memories, memes, thinking about something funny)?


Give yourself a 5-minute timer-

sit down or lie down flat on your back with a relaxing song you like in the background and smile gently, allow yourself to feel happiness to dive into the deepest part of your desires and allow that glow to travel through you and let the happiness (or what you can remember from it to sit in your body)


Give yourself a 2-minute timer-

sit in front of a mirror and have a smiling competition with yourself, try not to smile, while making yourself smile, every time you lose, try again (I honestly do this every few days/weeks when I’m feeling down and it really helps)


The Future-

With this knowledge think about what happiness looks like for you in the future? what experiences in your past do you want to re-create? what forgotten parts of yourself do you want to explore? and what do you think you need to leave behind in order to achieve happiness?

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