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OUT THE WINDOW- (dance with death)

I only truly dance alone. To release the poison and pain that hold on to me. I can only let go in this way when I am supported in the knowledge that I am not alone in my pain. That I am not alone in my release.


This project was a way to bring movement to words. To provide a backstory to my attachment to words and motion. To celebrate them as part of the same song. The song of those who came before. 

The dance


Have you ever wondered

If freedom is contingent


I entered the space with my bound fear and anxiety

Holding me back from release


The space moved

my body

Then spirit

As they let go

In synchronisation


Free and unbothered

I danced


As soon as I let myself back into the world

The pain returned



I have to move again

Ancestral Healing 

Movement moved me 

I danced through the pains of those who came before me 

My pain was not my own

my dance was not my own

my hands swung so low they grazed the ground 

my grounding was supported 

my spirit

our spirit 

whispered like smoke

my scream was muted 

I could not access anger 

I was too consumed 

there was not one of me in my room 

there was all of me 

knots sprung to my neck as I shook

I spun, never getting dizzy 

Like my grazing hands I was grounded 

like a vision I stood outside of myself 

I could only see them 

my ancestors

my past


it was holy 

my head swung

the movement was so familiar 

I have been here before 

been (this) before 

I am myself again 

the heaviness has lifted 

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