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In the spring of 2022, I joined a cohort of female and non-binary DJs in the making, for Saffron Records 'Mixnight' program. This experience opened up a world for me and led me on a journey I didn't anticipate. 


As a DJ I have played club nights mixing predominantly UK funky, dancehall, garage, soulful house, afrobeats, amapiano, and soca. Bar and restaurant bookings usually consist of  R&B, soul, jazz, hip-hop, soulful-house. Radio flows between all these genres depending on the station, show, time and my mood/energy at the time. 

Below are some examples of radio mixes. 

afrobeats, amapiano, uk funky mix for 1020 Radio

Jazz, soul, neo-soul, r&b mix for Reform Radio 

uk funky, dancehall, bass mix for Reprezent Radio 

gospel, soul, folk mix for Noods Radio 

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